Life is Good

Just saw someone wearing a Life is Good t-shirt. Isn’t it remarkable that even without looking at the tag you know it’s one of theirs? Their cloth is so identifiable – really good cotton, really soft and sturdy, as is their artwork. The slogans tell it like it is, but in a nicely humorous way. And I can’t help but think that their customer is a bit like that too. Everyone’s a little bit granola-y, a bit outdoorsy, a bit “f*#!” in their  approach to life. Not that they’re aren’t nice. It’s just a more laid back, I don’t-have-to-prove-anything to you kind of nice. A “I like my life life-is-good-logoand I’m living it just the way I want” kind of nice. I have one Life is Good t-shirt. I wear it once in a while but I always feels a bit uncomfortable. I love the slogan. It’s nice and soft. I just can’t wrap my head around how I feel in it. Maybe I’m a bit more uptight than I thought. Or maybe I just like a shirt that’s not so easily recognized.