Awakening My Brain – or Waking Up My Brain?

juno 1I started this blog to talk about how the impending storm is causing me, like many others, to think about filling the tub with water so I can flush the toilet if the power goes out. It’s caused me to fill jugs with water, pre-charge my cell phone, get out the candles and matches for light, and see what’s cooked and frozen in the fridge. I wanted to talk about how it was fun to consider a different way of doing things, that this reminded me of the science that says we need to discover new ways to do things as we get older so that our brains remain fresh and vibrant.

And then I realized that this is life for many people here in North America and in Third World countries. It’s not fun for them to do things by candlelight because the power was shut off months ago. They don’t look forward to hunkering down under mounds of blankets. Their children already have as many layers as they can find when they sleep. And I’m sure that cell phones, or phones of any kind, can be a luxury if you’re barely breaking even.

So I’m going to do all those things I need to do to stay warm and safe during this “epic” storm they’re saying will hit us this evening, but I’m going to remember that for many, the storm will simply add another level of grief to a night that was already unbearable. Tomorrow, or whenever the roads are clearer, I’m going to continue to give to the charities we already support. That’s not going to change. What might change is my impetus for giving, because it’s not generosity that awakens our desire to help, but recognition that help is needed. All the rest is gravy.