I Forgot to Eat

forgot to eatThere are a few sentences in my life that have never been uttered. “I forgot to eat.” is one of them. And when I look at my colleagues, many of whom are slender, I realize that might be the reason I continue to fight the Battle of the Bulge. When it’s time for lunch – something I’ve noted from early morning, by the way – I head to the fridge and haul out my salad, my pieces of cooked chicken and fruit, and happily sit down to eat, knowing that I have a healthy and fat-reducing meal to enjoy. When I finish that meal, I know that I will still be hungry a bit, but in order to lose weight I’m trying to cut out salt and stay with leaner meals. So far, that’s been working well. Until I looked at what my colleagues ate. Okay, they’re in their 20s and I passed those years a loooooooooong time ago. But when I asked them when they planned to have lunch, they said they already had. They “had a nutrition bar” in their desk, “grabbed a piece of fruit” on their way to a meeting, or told me they “forgot it was lunch time!”  Clearly that’s why I continue to be less than slender. My lunch, that I thought hit a new level of healthy for me, is still a meal. To be eternally thin, you have to munch or nosh, forget that there is anything with more than one course, and forget to eat now and then. I’ve got the snacking down pat. I am even familiar with noshing. But to forget to eat? Battle of the Bulge, you and I are destined to be life-long friends.