Sick… and Tired

Home sick today and feeling tired of the daily grind. Nothing new for most of us. Still, it made me remember a conversation we had on Sunday, when we took my husband’s elderly aunt to lunch for Mother’s Day. 94 years old, she’s almost deaf and almost blind although her mind is still sharp as a tack. Recently, she’s begun to wonder when she’ll die and has even mentioned that she’d prefer to not see another Christmas. She says she’s bored with life, especially since she can’t enjoy the things she used to – gardening, reading, enjoying the scenery where she lives in utopica Connecticut. My own mother is sharing similar concerns and I wonder if this is all we can expect. Is it really illness that ultimately causes our decline or is it a simple unwillingness to keep charging through the physical ailments? For me, I know that tomorrow I’ll wake with a renewed sense of wellness and enthusiasm for life, but when does it all begin to stop mattering? I’m on the road to 60 and I’m hoping that road goes for at least another 25 years!